ITSMalta aims to advise the Maltese Government on ITS policy matters from the enterprise knowledge society and transport perspective in accordance with its mission statement and the interest of its members. This encompasses a more strategic and coherent approach for the management of private and public transport; safer and better managed roads and to realise value for public investments.

Our strategy is “Technology in action”

  • Bringing together together active players and interested parties.
  • Educating and informingthe wider community about the use of ITS and its benefits.
  • Identifying research on issues relevant to ITS deployment.
  • Adopting and maintaining ahigh Maltese profile and influence and an international reputation through promoting the mission of ITS issues and promoting participation in international activities.
  • Creatingreferencedocuments, organizing ITS seminars and industry consultationsto demonstrate best practice.
  • Developing the economic,social and environmental contribution of ITS to the delivery of transport policy, for a sustainable society and better quality of life.
  • Providing membership benefits to all categories of ITS practitioners and stakeholders.